The simple rainscreen support systems

for complex projects

U-KON System Solutions permit safe, affordable implementation of creative projects due to their flexibility and user-friendliness.

Thanks to multi-axial adjustability, unevenness of the attachment foundation does not become an obstacle. With our systems diversity, we offer ideal solutions for all cladding materials and their particular application areas.

thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver

U-kon System Solutions offers simple, cost-saving and above all safe installation of various cladding materials while facilitating creative, high quality and economic facade design.

The functionality of our systems is based on our know-how and stems from the experience garnered in over 2500 realized projects with over 200,000,000 square feet of facade surface internationally.

This makes U-KON the leading manufacturers of substructures for real ventilated facade worldwide.

thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver

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Together with our rainscreen cladding support systems we provide our customers with affordable, unique and durable cladding materials such as
- High-density Fiber-cement Panels
- Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM)
- Ceramic/Porcelain Panel

- HPL Panel

- Terracotta panel

- Brick veneer

Due to the continually rising requirements regarding thermal insulation, noise insulation, and fire protection, we have implemented modern, effective and affordable cladding solutions with thermally broken clips.

Rear-ventilated facades with thermally effective wall brackets are becoming increasingly important since they offer a whole series of advantages thus provide a lasting enhancement of a building’s value.

Increased resistance to
- external influences
- high wind loads
- seismic shocks
- mechanical effects through the cladding material

thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver


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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver


thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver

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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver



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