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Frequently asked questions

Does U-kon System meet thermal performance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1?

All our systems meet requrements of ASHRAE 90.1.

What does it mean rainscreen system?

The main principle of rainscreen system is to allow the entry of air at the base of the system and the ventilating of air at the top of the system. Any water which penetrates through the system removed by natural ventilation and slightly removed by running down the rear face of the cladding panels and out of the base.

What is Continuous insulation Sub-frame system?

Continuous insulation sub-frame system is the attachment system without thermal bridging.

What is the maximum and minumum depth of U-kon wall brackets?

The minimum depth of wall bracket is 50 mm (2 ") The maximum depth of wall bracket is up to 400 mm (16")

Does U-kon System resist a corrosion?

The rainscreen system is subject to external factors (water, temperature, wind, etc.). All U-kon elements made from special aluminum alloy 6066 T6 to resist external factors.
This type of aluminum alloy provides a level of corrosion resistance that is higher to other rainscreen attachment materials such as galvanized steel or galvalume. This is especially crucial for open jointed systems that can allow moisture flow into the ventilated cavity.
Plus aluminum products do not become fragile over period alike fiberglass or plastic materials.

Can we use U-kon Systems with Stucco applications?


thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver


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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver