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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver

Constructive Advantages

    For its insulation properties, SIERRAGRES allows you to save up to 35% of energy in a building, which otherwise this energy had been used in the air conditioning of the building.

    Its design and functionality requires less labor, considering that does not need curing or waiting to start the placement of finishes, etc.
    It is a lightweight material, easy to handle and transport, suitable for fast and economic works because of its balanced structural behavior and the simplicity of its construction processes.

    As material, suffers less degradation over time, keeping a more durable structure than other common materials.


SIERRAGRES is one of the most long-standing building materials.

It is the result of the calcination in kilns of mixtures of clayey limestone which are prepared artificially together with other materials. It is a burnt clay brick, used since Ancient Egypt and Ancient China which remains a very important material in the construction sector.

This is a material with special durability and natural beauty, so that material is suitable for the harshest environments. It has high resistance to efforts that produce freezing water, make it the most suitable material for cold environments. It has the ability to withstand high static and dynamic loads at exterior and interior transit areas.

Excellent Insulation
    As a product, SIEARRAGRES offers an insulation system which combines elements such as modernity and economy, ensuring their insulation properties, which are conditioned by their own base materials. These materials are natural clay and other insulation materials that form a suitable system for building modern facades. Together with its thermal insulation qualities, this material guarantee an easy use and a differential particularity: it can be fixed to almost any substrate. This quality facilitates its use and diversifies its options, in the context of a material manufactured according to the strictest quality controls.

Solution for Rehabilitations
    As material, SIERRAGRES maintains its durability and permanence of color over ti me. So much so that beautifies as it ages, being ideal for the rehabilitation of historic environments. Its characteristics and surface properties make their use pleasant and safe; thanks to its high slip resistance and attractive design. It is manufactured in a large dimensional range, color variety and special parts auction -  water piping, curbs, etc.- it is an essential element in a rehabilitation process, where you can find out among its advantages the adaptability, its minimal maintenance, its easy and fast
performance and its long service life.

Resistant Over Time
    SIERRAGRES collect, as a material, features that add value and differentiate it from other materials, such as its unalterable over time character, which is determined by an excellent technical features, that guarantee an excellent performance in the facade, and prevents defects that can punctually occur in facades, such as the freezings and other problems of waterproof qualities, that are very common but this material avoid them.

thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver


Technical information

Wall brackets

Thermal isolator

Data sheet


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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver

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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver

Thermally broken rainscreen attachment systems

for brick veneer

U-kon Systems created systems with wall brackets and thermal isolators to attach brick veneer tile on the wall using patented technology and a unique combination of vertical and horizontal profiles which allow mounting brick veneer fast and easy

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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver


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thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
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