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The simple rainscreen support systems

for complex projects


The company started the development of substructures for facades in 1994. At the same time the technology of rainscreen facades support system gained great interest worldwide.

Among other things we develop, produce and provide aluminum substructure systems for rear ventilated facades worldwide.

We offer the following in addition:

  • Consulting

  • Technical elaboration

  • Standard solutions

  • Custom solutions

  • Full service from the allowance to installation support


Among others, obtaining international technical certificates have been crucial development points for the company.

Objects that demanded a high degree of quality and reliability such as airport terminals, banks, etc. were realized using the U-kon systems.

The development of our systems and the solution of emerging problems are part of the tasks of our professional staff, who daily deal with projects of rear ventilated facades.

Our philosophy is not to stop at the achievements, the more it is part of our orientation to develop new technologies and keep up with the trends in the global construction market to meet the demands of the future!


  • Market developments since 1997

  • Over 20 years of successful business development in rear ventilated facades

  • Realization of over 200 million square feet of rainscreen systems with cladding materials using U-kon systems

  • More than 5000 completed projects of varying complexity worldwide

  • For the production of U-kon components more than 35,000 tons of rolled aluminum have been processed


In 2007, U-kon has met the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and established the quality management system for the conception, development, production and supply of systems for rear ventilated facade


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  • Partnering the key cladding manufacturers, we provide high-quality systems.

  • We are forming your orders with a custom length of rail and boxes to supply exact numbers of elements required.

  • Our systems could meet any complexity of facades and are able to support any type of existing cladding materials.

  • Our systems are installed on thousand projects and tested in different laboratories..

  • All our elements of the system are engineered and provide our customers complete confidence with reliable, safety, and durability.

  • We offer additional powder coating and anodization for all our aluminum elements.

thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver


Explore our projects, be inspired, and create yours


thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
thermally broken wall clip system canada vancouver
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